Francis from FranMade Had a blog candy challenge The Challenge:
I love my rubber stamps and am always amazed by all the different types of folding cards and other creations you can make with some ink and rubber! So I would love to see what you can make. It could be a simple bookmark, a doorhanger, a notebook, anything besides a traditional single fold card. As long as it uses a stamped image and is NOT a bog standard single fold square card (and hasn't been featured on your blog before).
 And I decided to take a part althoght I haven ever taken parts of challenges. So here is my Valentine tin, it is suprise for my friend (who doesn´t read this, I think...) It will be filled with candy hearts.


Francis FranMade blogista järjesti haasteen jolla voi voittaa kaikkea kivaa :) Tiukille menee osallistuminen, mutta 10 minuuttia deadlineen jäljellä :) Koristelin haasteeseen metallipurkin , joka on tarkoitus antaa ystävänpäivälahjaksi kaverille jolla on varmasti käyttöä sydänkarkeille, joita sisään tulee ;)